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If you’ve decided that you have enough children, or don’t feel that they fit into your plans, a tubal ligation might be an option to consider. You’ll want to see a specialist like Dr. Douglas L. Gotlin, who helps women with family planning decisions at his practice, Gotlin OBGYN & Wellness in Miami Beach, Florida. If you’re ready to book a consultation, call his office or use the online scheduling tool today.

Tubal Ligation Q&A

When can I undergo tubal ligation?

There are no legal restrictions on when you can have the procedure. Your doctor merely needs to ensure you’re in a healthy physical and mental state. Most women have it done after undergoing a C-section.

What does a tubal ligation involve?

Each method involves closing off access to your fallopian tubes.


A portion of your fallopian tube is elevated into a knot or loop. The base is knotted with an absorbable ligature, and the top of the loop cut off.

Tubal Rings

A small piece of your fallopian tube is drawn up into a cone-shaped applicator that releases a ring around the loop, blocking off access. Scar tissue forms and causes the healthy sides of the tube to separate.

Tubal Loops

Instead of a ring, a clip is placed across the portion of the tube closest to the uterus.

Monopolar Coagulation

An electric circuit is generated through a single probe forcep to a section of the fallopian tube.

Bipolar Coagulation

Two probes are used to generate an electrical current to the fallopian tube.

Dr. Gotlin frequently uses robotic minimally invasive surgery to perform tubal ligations. He’s one of only two doctors in Miami Beach certified to perform this procedure. The 3-D imaging and software-aided robotic arms allow him the highest degree of precision when performing delicate surgery.

Are there risks involved with having a tubal ligation?

Each procedure carries the risk of the fallopian tubes growing back together, making it possible to get pregnant again. Conceiving after the procedure involves the risk of an ectopic pregnancy. The surgery itself might cause excessive bleeding, hurt other organs in the area, or cause an infection.

Go over your options with Dr. Gotlin to find the procedure you feel will be right for you. Contact Gotlin OBGYN & Wellness by calling the office or booking online today.