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If you’re sexually active and want to be sure you have a clean bill of health, it’s a good idea to undergo a round of STD testing. You should also have it done if you’re concerned about the health of your sexual partner (or partners). Dr. Douglas L. Gotlin at Gotlin OBGYN & Wellness performs STD screenings for patients out of his Miami Beach office, showing discreteness and compassion during the entire process. To schedule your STD screening, call his office or book an appointment online today.

STD Testing Q&A

Why should I get STD testing?

Keep in mind that many STDs fail to manifest any symptoms at all. You could go for years being unaware of any problems, so you're better off going in for STD testing at least once or twice a year if you're sexually active.

And if you’re experiencing any of the below symptoms, you should let Dr. Gotlin know so he can schedule an STD screening for you:

  • Bumps or sores around your anal or vaginal area
  • Strange or uncommon discharge coming out of your vagina
  • A burning sensation when you urinate
  • Symptoms that mimic the flu (body aches, swollen glands, and exhaustion)
  • Swollen genitalia
  • Pain or irritation in your vagina or anus

Be open with Dr. Gotlin about the type of sex you’ve had and any precautions you may or may not have taken. Doing so helps him understand what he needs to look for when examining your symptoms or conducting your screening.

How does the testing process work?

You’ll need to explicitly request an STD screening since it’s not part of a regular medical exam. Let Dr. Gotlin know about any experience you’ve had in the past with testing or any other questions on your mind.

Based on the information you provide him, Dr. Gotlin will recommend a battery of tests he thinks will be most beneficial to you. Some of these tests might include:

  • Urine sample: You’ll be asked to urinate into a storage cup
  • Blood: This can be obtained from either a pinprick to your finger or a vial drawn from one of your veins
  • Physical Examination: You’ll be looked over for any symptoms you’ve described or that you may not be aware of
  • Sore Testing: Fluid from any exposed sores will be taken with a cotton swab
  • Cell Samples: These are taken with a cotton swab from places like your cheek, vagina, cervix, urethra, anus, or throat

What should I do after STD testing?

If your screening results come back negative, take a moment to examine your current practices and whether you're as safe as you can be. It’s a good idea to return at regular intervals if you engage in risky behavior.

If you have an STD, Dr. Gotlin gets you started on a treatment plan. Most STDs can be cleared up with medication. Those that can’t require careful monitoring with drugs and frequent checkups to prevent permanent damage or even death.

Get your questions answered by calling Dr. Gotlin’s Miami Beach office or booking an appointment online today. You’ll be ensuring your well-being no matter what the results.