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Have you been experiencing persistent pelvic pain that you’ve written off as nothing? If the issue isn’t going away, it’s time to find out what’s going on. Dr. Douglas L. Gotlin takes your concerns seriously, understanding that a more severe health issue might be present that requires immediate medical attention. If you’re looking for relief from pelvic pain, book an appointment at Gotlin OBGYN & Wellness in Miami Beach, Florida online or by phone today.

Pelvic Pain Q&A

What symptoms does pelvic pain involve?

Pelvic pain manifests itself in various forms, including:

  • A burning or stabbing sensation in your lower abdomen
  • Discomfort when urinating or having a bowel movement
  • Painful intercourse
  • Constant bleeding
  • A feeling of pressure in your pelvis

Your symptoms might worsen after standing for long periods of time. There’s cause for concern if they persist for six months or longer.

What causes pelvic pain?

Pelvic pain can have various sources, which means that it requires a diagnosis. Give Dr. Gotlin an accurate description of everything you’ve been experiencing to help him pinpoint the cause of your issues. Here are some of the conditions that cause pelvic pain:

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

The primary cause is bacteria making its way into your vaginal tract. It can eventually make its way into your reproductive organs and even your bloodstream if left untreated.


The pain from the excessive growth of uterine tissue might be felt all the way in your vagina.


These might be the cause of any feelings of pressure you’re experiencing. They only become painful when deprived of an oxygen source.


What you might think of as run of the mill pain might be a sign of cancer. You might see symptoms of swelling, constipation, and soreness in your legs.

Dr. Gotlin may recommend specific tests depending on the symptoms you’re exhibiting:

  • Pelvic exam: Dr. Gotlin searches for signs of infection or unusual growths
  • Ultrasound: Projects images of your inner organs to Dr. Gotlin for a clearer view of what’s going on
  • Laparoscopy: Dr. Gotlin places a small incision in your abdomen and inserts a laparoscope -- a small tube with a camera -- inside to look at the state of the tissues

How can I find relief from pelvic pain?

Dr. Gotlin might recommend the following treatments to help manage your pelvic pain.

  • OTC medications for relief
  • Hormone injections
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain-blocking, or trigger point, injections

If the source is severe, Dr. Gotlin will consult with you on the best path to take for a long-term solution, including surgery. Your best bet is to see him as soon as you can to keep things from worsening.

Dr. Gotlin develops treatment plans that address the unique concerns of each patient. He’ll keep you informed and make your care and well-being his top priority.