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Are you concerned about managing your pregnancy? Are you considering a vaginal birth after having gone through a cesarean delivery? Do you have a pre-existing health condition that might impact your pregnancy? As one of the top OB/GYNs in Miami Beach, Florida, Dr. Douglas L. Gotlin specializes in helping women navigate their pregnancy and all the special circumstances surrounding it. To schedule your appointment at Gotlin OBGYN & Wellness, book an appointment online or over the phone today.

Pregnancy Q&A

How does an OB/GYN help manage my pregnancy?

Dr. Gotlin will perform periodic checkups to ensure everything proceeds normally. That helps him catch any signs of potential problems early and make contingency plans to address them.

Dr. Gotlin will also give you advice on what complications your health might cause as well as what to expect during each trimester and your delivery. He even helps you manage symptoms like leg and back pain, nausea, or heartburn.

Dr. Gotlin also helps you determine whether you have a high-risk pregnancy.

What makes a pregnancy high-risk?

A pregnancy is high-risk when you require extra care based on any current or previous health issues. Dr. Gotlin makes that final determination after assessing your present physical state. Having any of the following conditions might classify you as having a high-risk pregnancy:

  • High blood pressure: Could cause kidney damage and cause low birth weight for your baby
  • Prior C-sections: Having an HVAC after more than one previous C-section increases your chances of suffering from a uterine rupture
  • Weight: Carrying excessive weight or not weighing enough increases the chances of problems for your newborn before, during, and after delivery
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome: This may put you at risk for a miscarriage or premature delivery
  • Thyroid issues: Uncontrolled thyroid disease could cause your baby to suffer from heart failure or congenital disabilities

Notify Dr. Gotlin immediately if you start experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Pain or cramping
  • A lack of fetal movement
  • Headaches that don’t cease
  • Any vaginal bleeding or unusual-looking discharge
  • Recurrent contractions

How will my delivery be handled?

For vaginal deliveries, Dr. Gotlin will monitor your cervical dilation at the hospital until it reaches around 10 cm. You’ll have the choice of receiving pain medication or forgoing it for a natural birth.

Patients scheduled for a C-section will receive an epidural that blocks pain in the lower half of your body. If everything goes well, you’ll soon be looking down at a new life in your arms.

If you once gave birth via a C-section, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is an option. However, you must meet certain conditions to qualify for a VBAC, including:

  • No prior C-section that required a vertical upper-uterus incision
  • Have a broad enough pelvis for delivery
  • No history of uterine ruptures
  • Not have health conditions that complicate a vaginal delivery

If you still have questions or concerns, make an appointment with Dr. Gotlin by calling his office or booking an appointment online.